The Future of Fishing.

The revolutionary idea of Taylor Offshore™ was thought of in the summer of 2008. After 4 years of rigorous testing and development we are now proud to offer you the universal rigging platform that will change the way you fish forever. The Taylor Offshore™ competitive advantage is that of time savings, money savings, and ease of use...all while keeping your cockpit organized and clutter free. With one pull of the Gamut ProLink™ E1 Universal Rigging System, you've begun the new era of fishing.

"Stop Rigging. Start Fishing...




Our Gamut ProLink System™ speeds up the fishing process.

  • Our E1 (head) comes with a locking collar
  • The E1 connects to an M1 (body)

The M1 Body can be :

  1. A skirt (which we call a Sea-Flirt),

  2. Naked, (a naked hook set), 

  3. Anything - limited only by your imagination.

The ability to quickly change out M1 's  keeps your hooks in the water longer...


The E1 makes the Gamut ProLink System™ universally interchangeable. Dedicated to each rod, these units are attached directly to your wind on leader, eliminating the need for any and all lure specific leader.  Just a pull on the collar will release the lure, dredge bait, daisy chain, kite rig or live bait rig from the freely swiveling construct.  Made from 316 stainless steel, our E1 will never rust or pit.  These heads are engineered to be as small and strong as the leading snap swivels, but with more than THREE TIMES the breaking power. So, even if you aren't fishing for a grander, you can still be ready if she shows up in your spread.


The M1 Series attaches directly to the E1, while swiveling freely. A slight pull on either E1 collar releases the M1 from the leader. The M1 goes into the box with the fish without the leader, allowing another pre rigged M1 to snap into place. Lines are back in the water within seconds. That’s right, no more excess leader for individual lures. No more cutting.  No more tying.  No more re-crimping. M1 rigging combination and pre-rigging setups only limited by your imagination! 

The M1 Series can be purchased skirted in a variety of color combos, or naked so you can rig your own.