Juan Carlos 

The Kraken Dredges are  remarkable!! So easy to use & good quality dredge, a  proven fish raiser. 


Paul Petch.

For when others can't raise the fish the Kraken dredge can. Best customer service I've had in my life. Top quality product. And forever thankful. Thank you Taylor Offshore Australia!!!!


Matt Lor

We are now running Taylor offshore Squid and tuna mud flaps Kraken Dredge in pink fishing Sydney and South Coast.

Love it

We had 2-3 fish behind the dredge taking turns hitting the corner lures before getting a double hookup.

Highly recommended 

Very easy to deploy. 

Great service from Leander at Taylor Offshore Australia 

 Cheers Matt


Relentless Pursuit 

Capt:Aaron Manegel

The BBGAC Blue Water Water Classic was a success for the Relentless Crew coming runner up for the weekend, thank you so much to my Crew and my wife for all your support and a special mention to Lee @ Taylors Offshore for expressing posting our Kraken Dredge for the comp, their the best dredges in the country guys, check em out 🤙🤙🎣🎣



Cpt: Ryan Palmer

A huge shout out to the team at Taylor Offshore for the Kraken Dredge.
Our boat was one of the very few of 60 who were able to raise a fish on the weekend with most feeding dead. The Marlin couldn’t resist the Kraken dredge with all strikes coming from the bait behind the dredge!!!
What a product !



 Jay Mcilquham

 Great day on the water today using kraken dredge from you guys went 5 from 6 fish easy to change out easy to use highly recommend! From the boys aboard cartel👍


Misstress Sportfishing Charters 

CPT Brett Alty

Just Finished off our latest Fraser trip with David Mccallum , Ryan Goding , and Nathan Wakefield , Great Trip with the boys Ended up with 5 from 5 Blues, and 1 from 2 Blacks .
The Kraken Dredges from Leander Barnard Taylor Offshore Australia Did the Job Raising the Fish !
We spent our time looking for the Big Blue , unfortunately she didn’t pop her head up !
Great fun and lots of laughs !
Know when to let go Nathan !!!
We have more days available now with NSW Charters being stuck across the border .
PM for details.
Tight Lines


Bradley Thompson

We got the Pink squid 13 Drop dredge. Spoke to Leander who recommended a smaller dredge for our trailer boat. First run raised yellowfin yesterday. Much better than replacing strips


Chase Stephenson

High quality product 10/10 the kraken dredge is a brilliant addition to the boat . Love it


Hadyn Linturn

We have swapped over from anther well known brand to running the kraken quick release dredge, now we don’t have to by new strips every second trip. The dredge is very well made and very easily changed attachments to suit our needs 10/10 
Helps raise more fish



Wingston Nuttier.

 We got the Pink squid 13 Drop dredge. Started trying it out this season. Great on raising Tuna and marlin. Especially when tuna are shy on the bite the dredge gets the job done.Lee thanks for recommending the Sea Flirts


Paul Besoff

I use and recommend the Taylor Offshore Kraken Dredge. It’s the best I’ve used. Easy and quick to rig and deploy, easy to retrieve and IT WORKS to raise fish. Top quality. Try one for yourself👍



Capt. James Holt

Quality fishing tackle. Very Professional stuff.

Great After sales support. 

Kraken Dredges have changed the way

French Look III 

James Holt 






Capt. Craig White