Release The Kraken

The Taylor Offshore™ Kraken Dredge is the first high-strength, quick connect system designed to drastically reduce the time and hassle of onboard rigging of a very essential piece of the offshore fishing package in your arsenal. Everything that you need to convert your old dredge into using our system is included.  


The Kraken Dredge looks and functions exactly like traditional rigging, but without the required time consuming work necessary to rig it.  Instead of tying each individual attractant, and retying a different attractant if you end up targeting another species, our system cuts down your work by up to 90%, saves the wear and tear on your fingers, and gets you in the water faster.  Do away with wasting your mate's time, your precious tournament time, or simply your weekend relaxation time and get in the water faster. 

Stop Rigging. Start Fishing


The Kraken Sailfish / White Marlin Dredge Doing Exactly What It's Meant To Do.